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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

SolarWorld AG consolidates Group Structure

The SolarWorld group is aiming to streamline its organizational structure under company law, primarily in order to save costs.

SolarWorld AG therefore already merged its Freiberg manufacturing subsidiary into one company in July 2014 (SolarWorld Industries Sachsen GmbH). In the United States, the group has bundled sales, manufacturing and administration under joint management at the Hillsboro/Oregon site. The restructuring of the U.S. activities was completed in October 2014 at company law level by merging SolarWorld Americas LLC with SolarWorld Industries America Inc. The company was afterwards re-named SolarWorld Americas Inc.

SolarWorld AG is planning additional measures to further consolidate its group structure:

In the United States, the group furthermore plans to merge SolarWorld Industries Services LLC as well as SolarWorld Industries Americas LLC with SolarWorld Americas Inc..

It is also the intention to merge Solarparc Ziegelscheune GmbH & Co. KG into Solarparc Verwaltungs GmbH and incorporate it into the SolarWorld AG tax group.

SolarWorld Ibérica S.L. with registered office in Madrid/Spain and SolarWorld Czech s.r.o. with registered office in Teplice/Czech Republic are to be liquidated. The relevant company activities are already being handled via SolarWorld AG in Bonn/Germany and SolarWorld Solicium GmbH in Freiberg/Germany respectively.


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